The International Quality and Productivity Center is the place that takes care of the best seminars and conferences across the whole wide world. In operation since 1989, the IQPC designed and developed plans and methods to link business corporations, institutions, company owners, and individuals at mass-attended seminars, activities, and conferences.

The IQPC’s work ethic includes sophisticated managerial and PR skills, and their major emphasis is on innovation and progress. How the IQPC started out, can be found below.

IQPC History Outline and Inspiration

The IQPC is not the first center to have the idea to link professionals from different industries and spur cooperation between them, but they certainly became one of the top organizers with their almost 30-year experience. Their beginnings go back to the first modern management inventor Peter F. Drucker, who usually relied on his simple ideas which were drawn from observations. It turned out that the simple ideas produced great results. The IQPC heavily relies on his dogma of innovation which serves as their guideline to this very day. According to Decker, innovation represents a new idea and a new concept that builds on the old and familiar, on what is known to the individual. He also stressed out the importance of finding the link between individually working elements in order to create a powerful and integrated system. This pretty much summarizes the main doctrine and work ethic of IQPC.

Their second source of inspiration was the Penton Learning Systems company, which basically did what was praised by Drucker- finding the missing link. The company went on to connect colleges and universities across the USA to help them emphasize their strengths. The whole system and later a well-oiled machine, emerged from the idea to take the best out of each element (in this case college/university). If one college offered the best courses and seminars and professional training in one area, and another college was better in another area, why wouldn’t they simply trade or import and export their specialty. The whole exchange process started and was widely successful since 105 colleges applied and participated in the consortium. This meant that all 105 colleges were the best in at least one area, and via the exchange chain, it meant that all 105 institutions had access to 105 top seminars and conferences.

This also triggered the IQPC to apply a similar business model through building a bridge between various individual organizations and companies who can mutually teach and learn from each other in a more coherent way. The seminars and conferences at a global level are especially important today when technology mixed up whole societies widening the horizons far beyond a country’s boundaries. Globalization is a phenomenon that “invaded” the individuality and independence of many industries in markets, and companies do not only compete anymore at a national level but rather globally since the markets intertwine and consumers can choose their supplier outside of their country’s borders. This calls for a more streamlined approach and better education of all market participants who can learn a lot from each other.

The IQPC is meanwhile operating in several cities on different continents. The cities represent major economic hotspots and include London, Berlin, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Toronto, Sao Paolo, and Sydney. The IQCP is very active and organizes around 2,000 seminars, conferences, and other programs globally. They encompass a large number of industries like energy, finances, oil and gas, food, government, HR, healthcare, marketing, mobility, mining, etc.

The Upcoming FPSO World Congress 2017

One of the biggest events for this year under the management of IQPC is the FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading) World Congress which is of major importance for the gas industry. It is going to be held in Asia. It is expected to host 450 attendees who are mostly senior stakeholders of oil companies, legal firms, FPSO contractors, solution providers, etc. The FPSO market has been experiencing a downturn last year, and comprehensive solutions are expected to be provided.

The role of IQPC has grown very strong since it builds on its experience and knowledge, proving their efficiency year in and year out with the different events, consortiums, seminars, and conferences they organize at the highest level in any business. They secured the trust of main market leaders and provide each market with the best from the industry at least once a year.